The One-Day Giveaway! (A community tag sale, but everything is free.)
Sunday June 10, 2017
Noon to 5 pm
Westville – New Haven

Join Westville folks once again this year in giving stuff away to anyone who wants it!

Step 1: Decide to participate. SIGN UP HERE: so we can put you on the map (if you can’t do that, then post a comment below).  THEN start collecting your stuff to give away.
Step 2: By noon on May 21, put the stuff in your yard. No price tags. Let people take stuff.
Step 3: If you have no stuff to give away, give away some lemonade, or free hugs, or a song.
Step 4: Stroll around, meet new people, chat, catch up. See what they’re giving away.Take stuff, if you like.
Step 5: At 5 p.m., clean up.
Step 6: In 2019, repeat!

People FROM ALL NEIGHBORHOODS are welcome to come get free stuff in Westville and join in the fun of the One Day Giveaway!


Questions? Contact: or




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